20 Most Dangerous Airports In The World


San Diego International Airport, USA

San Diego International Airport

San Diego’s is considered by some to be one of United States most dangerous airports due to its downtown location. The surrounding mountains and strong winds sometimes force nose-to-nose takeoffs and landings. The sky here is cluttered with planes, with up to 55 coming and going every hour. And with only one runway – that’s a problem.

The airspace is constantly stretched to maximum capacity, so heavy responsibility falls to air traffic controllers, who must precisely navigate each aircraft to ensure the safety of everyone on board. As well as congestion in the sky, pilots have had to contend with San Diego’s expansion on the ground. As the city grows, there are more tall buildings erected that cause a potential hazard to air crafts.

This airport was always an accident away, which did happen in 1978. A commuter flight carrying 128 passengers and 7 crew members collided with a small learner aircraft. They crashed to the ground, resulting in a devastating scene. Tragically, everyone on board, both planes and 7 people on the ground were killed in the worst aviation accident in California’s history. The incident brought scrutiny to the congested air space above San Diego and created a major change in aviation law. Because of the accident, it’s now illegal for small aircraft to fly into the paths of large commercial jets.


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