20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Martinique, Caribbean

Martinique, Caribbean

The volcanic island of Martinique is a mountainous landscape of steep forested hills and world-class gold beaches. The coastline is rugged and the welcome warm, and with its unique blend of French and West Indies culture, it makes for a fascinating place to spend a little downtime under the warm Caribbean sun.

Belonging to the Lesser Antilles, this is a little off the beaten track, but things can still get lively, with Fort-de-France, the largest town and capital, always worth a visit. For those who prefer to keep things a little quieter, there are beaches galore to explore, with white sands in the south and black beaches to the north, a reminder that Mont Pelee, Martinique’s imposing volcano, is still smoldering.

With countless hiking trails to explore, canyoning adventures to experience and world-class surfing, there is always something to do in Martinique. It’s no surprise then that visitors choose to return to the scenic shores here time and time again.


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