20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Samoa, Oceania

Samoa, Oceania

Seeking paradise in the South Pacific? It doesn’t get better than Samoa, a place of incredible natural beauty, with wonders at every turn and a welcome as warm as the sunshine.

Comprising two main islands — Savai’i and Upola — as well as four smaller ones, there’s a great deal to see here, but all around is wonderful wildlife, lush green jungles and some of the best beaches on Earth. With azure seas lapping at the emerald shores, relaxation comes easy, whilst for those keen to get out and about and explore the islands in greater depth, native culture and history abounds.

Samoa doesn’t do flash resorts and attractions and those seeking such things would be advised to look elsewhere. For those drawn to peaceful waterfalls, pristine sands and dramatic volcanic backdrops, however, this is a destination that ticks all the boxes.

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