20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean

Covered in craters, some housing entire villages, there’s no hiding Reunion’s volcanic past (or present, for Piton de la Fournaise is still active and continues to smoulder away). Feeling brave? You can climb the lava-clad slopes here, although if this seems too great a risk, head instead to Piton des Neiges, which is, at least, extinct.

Reunion is a magical place, boasting vast calderas, lush green forests and beautiful beaches that demand to be explored. Lie back and chill or head for the mountainous interior, where white water rafting trips await and the forest can be trekked, either on foot or, in parts, via Segway.

Enjoying a breathtaking location in the warm Indian Ocean, to the east of Madagascar, this fabulous French outpost is a real treasure that sparkles in the tropical sunshine. Island life at its finest, this is not a place to miss.


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