20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World


Comprising 80 rugged and remote islands and cays in the tranquil Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu beckons visitors keen to avoid the crowds and soak up a little solitude. Looking for flash resorts and mega tourist attractions? Look elsewhere. This is peaceful, perfect and far from the beaten track.

The crystal-clear waters mean scuba diving is always on the agenda here, with vibrant coral reefs, mysterious caves and caverns, and ancient wrecks to discover beneath the surface. With its deserted beaches, you’ll spend much time on the sands, but if you can tear yourself away, the island’s interior is well worth exploring.

Find hidden waterfalls, lush forests and cultural treasures, or head a little further afield and experience life elsewhere on the vast volcanic archipelago. Cruises, excursions and tours can be arranged, although the temptation to remain on the beach and soak up some more rays is always strong.


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