20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Ischia, Italy

Ischia, Italy

Hot springs and mineral-rich thermal waters beckon visitors to Ischia, a volcanic outcrop in the tranquil Tyrrhenian Sea, just 19 miles from bustling Naples, but quiet, calm and a world apart.

Travelling here is like going back in time, this miniscule island known for its medieval castle, manicured gardens and Roman remains, and treasures await those who leave the modern Italian mainland and travel to its rugged shores.

The largest of the Phlegrean Islands, Ischia is still tiny, just six miles long and four miles wide, making exploring easy. Far from the beaten track, you’ll discover peace and quiet here, and natural wonders as far as the eye can see. Given its fishing traditions, it’s no surprise that seafood tops most menus and foodies are certain to be in their element, with the day’s catch delicious and the wine to die for. Life is simple here, but that’s how we like it.


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