20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Sri Lanka, South Asia

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has long appealed to the adventurous, with mountains to climb, thick forests to explore and ancient shipwrecks to discover in its warm Indian Ocean waters.

There are beautiful beaches aplenty, but with so much to see and do, finding the time to lie back and relax might prove to be a challenge. Whether on land or out at sea, exploration always beckons and the curious cannot resist. The island is a true melting pot, comprising countless cultures and languages, but life here is easy.

Visit pre-historic settlements and sites rich in cultural heritage, trek through forests, paddy fields and quiet villages — on foot, by horse or even on an elephant — or climb the paths that wind up the hills and mountains, the choice is yours. The interior demands to be explored, but you’ll always be drawn back to the beach, where the inviting sands, scuba sites and world-class surfing await.


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