20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius, Africa

Mauritius is the perfect holiday destination for any tourist. The island offers a variety of water sports, beautiful white beaches, long mountain treks, wildlife, sightseeing and luxurious resorts.

This is an island filled with history. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit: “Aapravasi Ghat” in the colonial capital of Port Louis and “Le Morne”, a mountain used as a shelter by runaway slaves in the 18th century. There is a very beautiful viewpoint at the top of Le Morne. Experienced hikers might find the trail easy, but if you’re not that used to mountains, make sure you go with a lot of energy as this is a very stiff 3 hours hike.

Mauritius also boasts amazing national parks, like the “Black River Gorges” and the “Casela Wildlife Park” where you can walk with lion cubs. Marine life fans will also be rewarded here. The North of the island isn’t a great place to snorkel as the water can be quite shallow and dark, but Mahebourg bay is a great location. You’ll see here a multitude of coloured tropical fish and corals. We even spotted some dangerous stone fish napping at the bottom of the sea.


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