20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World



The Maldives are a beautiful string of atolls in the Indian Ocean consisting of over 1,000 coral islands known for their white sand beaches and warm, turquoise blue waters. The tropical islands are sunny and hot all-year round though the most popular time to visit is between November and April as this is the period of lowest rainfall.

Visit the coral reefs in Maldives for one of the world’s most exceptional destinations for scuba diving and snorkelling where you can see turtles and brightly coloured tropical fish. For the more adventurous types, swim with giant whale sharks and see manta rays at night.

When planning your trip you will be spoilt for choice for luxury hotels, most of which are set on tiny, private islands, and accessed by sea plane or speed boat from the main island.

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Author: Richard James
Date: 17 January 2017