20 Magical Winter Destinations That You Need To See

Richmond Park, UK

Richmond Park, UK

King Henry VIII may have lopped off a few heads but we in London do have something to thank him for; the prevalence of beautiful large parks such as Richmond Park, which happened to be one of his favourites as he used it as a hunting ground.

Many like Richmond Park are also filled with an abundance of wild deer, you often see them leaping and galloping through the woodland or grazing by the roadside. It is one of those places where you really do feel like you’ve been transported to the quaint English countryside during the Middle Ages.

As the snow begins to fall here you will see a plethora of people on sleds, snowball fights, as well as the avid hikers who enjoy a brisk walk through the 2500 acres of the park and then a cosy traditionally English lunch in a nearby Richmond pub.


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