20 Magical Winter Destinations That You Need To See

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

Arriving in Tallinn is like stepping into a Disney movie; fairytale turrets rise up from the old medieval stone town, carts rattle over the cobblestones and blankets of snow cushion the grandiose merchant houses and barns which line the antiquated lanes.

Tallinn is an eternally enchanting town yet during the long winter months it takes on a whole new level of magic as the turrets glisten in snow and the Christmas market lures you in with offers of steaming bowls of homemade soup and warming glasses of Glögg.

Why not also hop on a sled and fly along snowy trails led by a friendly team of huskies or ice skate on the glassy iced lake in Tallin? Afterwards you can look forward to warming up again with a traditional sauna….you can always leave the ice swimming to the locals!


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