20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit

Area 51, United States

Area 51, United States

There’s no way you won’t have heard the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51, the highly restricted remote military base deep in the middle of the hostile Nevada Desert. Area 51 is completely off limits from the public with reports of helicopters patrolling if you even get close to the heavily guarded base.

Conspiracy theorists passionately claim that the real purpose of Area 51 is for the storage and examination of alien spacecraft, or for secret meetings with extra terrestrials. Famously, Area 51 was linked with the Roswell Incident of 1947, where an unidentified flying disc was seen by hundreds crashing in a ranch in Nevada. The UFO was swiftly recovered and transported away by government officials. Controversially, many believe that the Roswell Incident was in fact a government cover up of an alien spacecraft crash and the UFO was hidden in Area 51.

The real reason Area 51 exists is still a mystery and remains highly classified. Trying to enter would be irresponsible though since it is surrounded by signs warning that security is authorized to use deadly force on people who insist on trespassing. Whether you believe in aliens or not, the question still remains: What secrets are they hiding in there?


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