20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit

Pluto’s Gate, Turkey

Pluto's Gate, Turkey
Image: Carole Raddato, Wikimedia Commons

You might want to think twice about visiting Pluto’s Gate, the so-called Roman Passage to Hell, located close to Hierapolis in Turkey’s Denizli Province and as unwelcoming a place as it’s possible to imagine.

Once believed to be the door to the Underworld, passing birds have been known to fall from the skies and perish here, whilst those who decide to delve deep into this Satanic site risk never coming out again.

The reason? The small Greco-Roman temple that stands here was built upon a cave that emits toxic gases and so noxious is the carbon dioxide that drifts up from the depths, inquisitive animals who wander inside tend to drop and die on the spot. Whether it’s science or whether it’s Satan depends on your particular beliefs, but one thing is clear: this is no place for the unprepared and, with ritual animal sacrifices having once taken place here, it can be an unsettling spot.


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