20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit

The Queen’s Bedroom, U.K

The Queen's Bedroom, U.K

Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London residence, and home of the British monarchy since 1837. It is of course one of the top attractions for anyone visiting London; often the state rooms and the gardens will be opened to the public and tours are conducted around the palace and grounds, but of course one room remains strictly off limits.

It is of course the Queen’s Bedroom, unless of course you happen to be the Queen. Or maybe your name is Michael Fagan, and then you would have committed one of the greatest feats of all time by scaling a 20ft wall and hoisting yourself up a drainpipe to stand proudly within the Queen’s bedroom. Just to win a bet with some friends; now that’s what we call drinking games gone a step too far. However, part of us is also intrigued to have a look ourselves!


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