20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit

Robins Island, United States

Robins Island, United States

Enjoying an idyllic spot in Peconic Bay, not far from Long Island and the US East Coast, tree-covered Robins Island is very mysterious. Privately-owned, having been bought by a Wall Street financier in the 1990s, this 435-acre spot is off-limits to most.

Boasting great historical significance and the subject of countless ownership disputes through the centuries, the island appeals to those of curious mind. But with tourists not welcome, the secrets here endure, with none but a select few granted access to explore.

Teardrop-shaped and fringed by golden sands, Robins Island is thought to be a place of hidden trails and magnificent lakes, with mysterious mansions dotted around the interior and hidden from sight by the trees. Like to get a closer look? You can always take a boat trip, just don’t expect to be allowed to dock.


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