20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit

Moscow Metro-2, Russia

Moscow Metro-2, Russia

If nuclear catastrophe or epic natural disaster strikes Russia, they’ve got it covered. Welcome to the city beneath a city, Moscow’s purported secret underground system, a series of metro lines linking the Kremlin, the Federal Security Office HQ, the government airport and several other important locations.

Reportedly built by the KGB, the existence of this complex labyrinth hasn’t been formally admitted to by Russia but it’s rumoured that Stalin’s extreme paranoia was the catalyst for its construction. Theories diverge about the expansiveness of the underground metro… Rumour says that the building material for the metro came from Moscow’s finest imperial and religious buildings that were being wrecked on Stalin’s orders. The construction took two years and was achieved by 75,000 workers, who endured abusive working conditions.

What happened to the project after Stalin’s death is unclear. Some sources claim that it stopped shortly after, others claim that every administration added new lines to the underground system, but you might hear various things on the matter. Indeed, rumours about Metro-2 are extremely common in Russia and have been propagated by Russian citizens. Though Metro-2 stays a myth, as no one can prove its existence…


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