20 Forbidden Places You Can Never Visit


Albatross Island, Australia

Located in the Bass Strait, off Tasmania’s north-western coast, Albatross Island lives up to its name.

Wild and remote, the island is home to 5,000 pairs of shy albatross, 40% of the world’s population, and with species numbers in sharp decline in recent years, this is no place for tourists, with conservationists keen for the at-risk residents to be left alone and allowed to breed in peace.

Other birds live on the 44-acre island too, including little penguins (the smallest species of all), sea eagles and various gulls, whilst fur seals can often be spotted basking lazily on the rocks. But with 10,000 albatross making their homes here, this is the species that rules the roost and those threatening to invade are often met with an aggressive response. The smell is enough to put most visitors off, but for those who do decide to venture ashore, being bitten and pecked is a very real danger.

Next up is 20 locations you can visit, but considering how petrifying they are, we highly doubt you’d ever want to. Number seven especially left us with chills.

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