20 Forbidden Destinations You Can Never Visit


North Sentinel Island, India

Off the coast of Myanmar is a tiny forested island where indigenous Sentinelese people reside in voluntary isolation from the rest of the world. The tribal Sentinelese have lived on North Sentinel Island for over 60,000 years and are extremely opposed to outside influences and remain entirely disconnected from the modern world.

The Sentinelese are known to fiercely protect their independence, sometimes violently, and for this reason, very little is known about their island. Reportedly, an Indian Coast Guard helicopter made the mistake of flying nearby on reconnaissance and was shot at with arrows by the island’s natives.

There are estimated to be anywhere between 50 and 400 natives living on the island. Indian Authorities respect their right to complete isolation and prohibits any one to travel to the island or even approach within five nautical miles.

The Sentinelese are so untouched from the real world that they are even exempt from any laws. This means that the indigenous people are allowed to legitimately kill outsiders who trespass on their island without prosecution. Natives will frequently attack boats that reach too close to their shores and actually killed two fishermen in 2006 and a US Missionary in 2018.