20 Forbidden Destinations You Can Never Visit


U.N. Buffer Zone, Cyprus

U.N. Buffer Zone, Cyprus

Behind barbed wire fences a watchtower looks down over an eerie scene; an airport stands, thick with dust, old aircraft decaying on the landing strips, nearby abandoned homes, businesses, cars and buildings lay idle as they have done for decades.

This is the UN Buffer Zone which cuts through Cyprus, dividing the independent Republic of Cyprus from the Turkish-occupied northern part of the island. In 1974, Turkish troops invaded Cyprus, escalating the civil war between the Greeks and the Turks. The U.N. then took control of this ‘buffer zone’ in the capital Nicosia after the ceasefire was declared.

In an attempt to prevent future clashes between the populations of the two halves of the island, peacekeepers from the United Nations have patrolled the buffer zone for years. As a result this area has remained frozen in time, and no one is allowed into this zone and if you even tried you probably wouldn’t make it out alive.

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