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Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

The good news? The awe-inspiring Amazon remains the world’s largest tropical rainforest. The bad news is it’s shrinking fast. Deforestation has reached record levels in recent times. Those keen to visit should not dither, with this breathtaking land in danger of disappearing altogether.

The rainforest still covers vast swathes of South America, but an area equal in size to two football pitches is being cleared every minute. Land-grabbing, mining and farming are all to blame. If things continue like this, there’ll soon be little left.

Experts estimate that 17% of the rainforest has been lost so far and it’s thought that the Amazon is close to reaching a tipping point. Renowned for its diverse wildlife and untamed landscape, illegal logging has altered this natural wonderland for the worst.

Scientists predict that, unless something changes soon, this once-lush forest will become a barren scrubland that supports little life. The Amazon is essential to the planet ecosystem, so this is bad news for us all.


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