20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before They Disappear

The Everglades, United States

Breathtaking? For sure. Disappearing? There can be no doubt about it. Described as ‘the most threatened park in the United States’, Florida’s famed wetlands were once twice the size they are today. There is little sign that this disturbing trend is about to change.

Home to abundant wildlife, and in particular the alligators for which the popular park is most renowned, the Everglades are facing threats on several fronts. Climate change has taken a toll, but man-made dangers are doing the greatest damage here.

Florida’s population pressures mean urban development is a constant challenge to those determined to keep this wild land wild, whilst the diversion of water and the introduction of new species has disturbed the natural balance. The race is now on to save what is left, but with the Everglades coming under constant pressure, those keen to visit should start planning their trip now.


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