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The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Towering tall over Tanzania, Kilimanjaro’s snowcapped summit has long beckoned the adventurous. Measuring 16,000 feet from top to bottom, those able to complete the breathtaking ascent are rewarded with ancient glaciers and views to die for.

Like to take a peek? You’ll need to get a move on. Scientific studies have shown that the glaciers are melting, with researchers predicting that Kilimanjaro’s snows might soon have disappeared altogether.

The reasons continue to prompt debate in the scientific community, although it seems quite clear that global warming is playing a significant role. Kilimanjaro’s famous glaciers are believed to date back almost 12,000 years, but with the ice fields here having shrunk 85% in area since 1912, there can be no question that the situation is critical.

Once covering 12 square kilometres, just 1.85 square kilometers remain. Like to see the snows of Kilimanjaro for yourself? Time is pressing, with some predicting the mountaintop could have thawed out entirely by 2033.


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