20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before They Disappear

The Alaskan Tundra, Alaska, USA

Covering almost half of the largest state in the US, Alaska’s treeless tundra is enormous. The trouble is, this remote and ancient land is disappearing fast. Like a take a look? Take our advice and don’t leave it too late.

The conditions harsh and the temperatures cold, this is a spot far from the tourist trail, but therein lies the tundra’s obvious appeal. This is a magical place to spend a little time, but that time is starting to run out.

The issues are all man-made, with climate change and increasing human exploitation to blame for a land that is forever shrinking.
The permanently-frozen ground here is starting to thaw, with obvious consequences for the native plant and animal species. Often called a ‘cold desert’, the tundra is far from barren, this a beautiful spot that demands a visit. Like to take a look? Make it sooner rather than later.


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