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Bordeaux Vineyards, France

Bordeaux’s famed vineyards are world-renowned, with the wines produced here amongst the finest on Earth. Yet this heritage that dates back to Roman times is under threat. Climate change is to blame, with rising temperatures prompting vintners to fear for their futures.

Like most places on the planet, France’s picturesque Gironde department is getting ever warmer, with average temperatures having increased by 2C since the 1950s. The conditions here are no longer as conducive to growing grapes as in times passed. The implications for the wine trade are serious.

The region relies on its wine, producing some 700 million bottles in a good year. That number is falling fast as the vineyards start to shrink, with the excellent Merlot grapes that are synonymous with Bordeaux at particular risk from the warmer summers. The climate here has become more Mediterranean than Atlantic in recent times which might have a very important impact in the future.


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