20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Choquequirao Archaeological Park, Peru

Choquequirao is an Incan archaeological treasure that has long remained hidden from the tourist hordes. Reaching ‘Machu Picchu’s Little Sister’, it requires a challenging hike that keeps visitor numbers in check. But that is all about to change, with a cable car under construction that will alter this quiet corner forever.

Conservationists fear that making Choquequirao accessible to all could attract 3,000 visitors a day, shattering the tranquility that makes the ruined temples and terraces such a joy to explore.

Intrepid hikers trek deserted paths through lush rainforests and beneath snow-capped peaks in order to get here and the journey is half the attraction. So for those keen to experience Choquequirao at its peaceful best, the time to visit this breathtaking place is now. Don’t wait for the cable car to be built and book your flight.


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