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Dead Sea, Israel, Jordan & Palestine

Is the Dead Sea dying? Not quite, but there’s no question that great change is afoot in the Middle East. Beaches that once proved popular on the inland ocean’s shimmering shoreline these days lie far from the receding waters.

The Dead Sea isn’t dying, but there’s no question that this landlocked salt lake is getting smaller and smaller.

The Dead Sea is popular with tourists thanks to the extreme saltiness that makes it impossible for bathers to sink. The waters here are almost 10 times saltier than those in the Earth’s oceans and there’s nothing quite like floating on the surface with a good book in hand.

But as the water level drops in the heat of the Middle Eastern sun, huge sinkholes have started to open up, causing the Dead Sea to shrink at an even more rapid rate. With the shoreline receding almost three feet a year, you’re advised to visit as soon as possible.


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