20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Tourists have long flocked to captivating Komodo Island. The attractions here are plentiful, with volcanic hills to climb, lush forests to trek and colourful reefs for divers to explore. Then there are the famed lizards that give this place its name.

There are 4,000 Komodo Dragons here and the chance to get up close and personal is a rare treat. But with the environment under threat from tourism, plans are afoot to limit access – or forbid it altogether.

Closing Komodo Island to all visitors has been debated, although that drastic proposal has been shelved for now. Instead, a hefty tourist tax is being considered, which would make this a far more exclusive destination. Whatever is decided, it seems certain that you’ll soon find the island far more difficult to visit. Is Komodo Island on your travel bucket list? You should go and spend a little time with the giant lizards before it’s too late.


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