20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Madagascan Rainforest

The Madagascan Rainforest is a marvellous place. Renowned for its unique biodiversity, countless plant and animal species can be discovered here. But all is not well beneath the thick jungle canopy. Deforestation doing untold damage to the precious environment, this is a fragile habitat that is disappearing fast.

Madagascar enjoys a spectacular location in the shimmering Indian Ocean, but there is trouble in paradise. The rainforest covers around 21% of the island, and this number is falling fast. The trees here are being felled to create agricultural and pastoral land, and the impact on the island’s rich wildlife cannot be underestimated.

Conservationists point to desertification, habitat loss and soil degradation as the greatest threats and it’s clear that Madagascar has reached a tipping point. The rainforest here remains a marvellous place. Keen to see it for yourself? Be sure to pay a visit soon, before it’s too late.


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