20 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before They Disappear


Olympia, Greece

Located on Greece’s picturesque Peloponnese Peninsula, inspiring Olympia is a sight to behold. This is where the Olympic movement began in 776BC, with the ancient Greeks staging great sporting contests every four years.

Interested in history? You’ll find this iconic spot fascinating. But with Olympia’s existence under increasing threat, you’re advised to visit sooner rather than later.

Olympia ranks amongst Greece’s top tourist attractions. But that could soon change. Rising summer temperatures mean that devastating wildfires have become commonplace in these parts. The rampant flames are getting closer and so the risks to this ancient site are rising.

There are more than 70 buildings and ruins to explore here, including the remains of Zeus’ great temple; a visit is much recommended. The clock is ticking as the climate continues to change, and those keen to see Olympia at its breathtaking best are facing a race against time.