20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist

20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist

Unexpected combos can throw up great results, like peanut butter and jam, and salad cream and fries, but then there’s those mash ups that are just a straight out no – sardine ice cream anyone? When it comes to the animal world and uniqueness though, too much is almost never enough. After all, how can you have too many Ligers, Grolar Bears, or Beefalos?

From Zebroids to Geep, through to Beefalos and Wholphins, we’ve got you covered for quirky creature concoctions with our top 20 of the most bizarre animal hybrids that actually exist.

These curious crosses are irresistibly fascinating, from the stunning Savannah cat, with its penchant for swimming and playful, friendly attitude to the ultra-rare Jaglion, with its eye-catching dark spotted coat. Don’t forget to check out the majestic Leopon, with its lion-like head and leopard body, or the Zonkey with its cute striped legs and adorable donkey’s face!

Oh, and did you know Tigons and Ligers can actually reproduce together and that African Killer Bee swarms are commonly found in the US? We know there’s a whole lot of hybrid hoaxes out there, but we promise every entry on our list is bona fide. Read on for more mind-blowing facts about the quirky animal mixes you never expected, but are definitely going to love…


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