20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Coywolf (Coyote +Wolf)

coywolf, hybrid animal

A one-off cross between a coyote and a wolf, Coywolfs differ from the most other creatures within the hybrid pack, as they can successfully interbreed with any member of the Canis family. Larger than a coyote but smaller than a wolf, their howls are particularly unique, starting out with a deep pitched sound, but then changing into a coyote’s higher pitched yowl. Coywolves are more intelligent than wolves and they socialise better together than pure coyotes, which makes them more pack orientated, smarter, and less aggressive.

Their name might sound like a rare Pokemon character, but Coywolfs are actually fairly common, and they even share 10% of their DNA with regular domestic dogs – a throwback from when coyotes interbred with them back in the 1900’s.

Though they reach sexual maturity later than coyotes do, they can give birth to young – as all the Canis species have genes that are similar, though they are slowly evolving apart. Until their chromosomes diverge significantly though, these stunning wolf/ coyote crosses will keep on giving birth to more baby Coywolfs, and as proof of their fertility, you can find many throughout the US and Canada. These stunning animals aren’t shy and can often be found roaming around urban environments, but they can get aggressive when they feel under threat, so if you do happen to spot one, it’s probably better to admire them from afar.


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