20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Hinny (Female Donkey + Male Horse)

Hinny, hybrid animal

Have you ever heard of a Hinny? No, it’s not some kind of peculiar love bite, it’s actually a cross between a stallion and a female donkey and they’re incredibly hard to breed. Not only are female donkeys and stallions incredibly picky about their mating partners, but two breeds have 2 completely different chromosomes, which means the chances of a successful pairing are slim.

Hinnys are commonly known as Jennets, while Male Hinnys are also often known as Horse Hinnys, and female versions of the species are sometimes called Mare Hinnys. Hinnys have a thick mane and strong legs, and their heads closely resemble horses, but they are noted for their shorter ears. When it comes to overall size, Hinny’s can vary dramatically but they can only be as large as the biggest donkey breed. Experts believe this is because the female parent is the one who passes on this trait, and as she is a donkey, her womb is smaller than a female horse.

In theory, a Hinny could be as small as a miniature donkey, which makes us go awwww. It’s actually a lot easier to breed smaller Hinnys than it is to produce larger ones, as to do so the female donkey needs to be a Mammoth Jenny, which are incredibly hard to come by. Hinnys are thought to be completely unable to reproduce, and though there have been claims this has happened, no one’s been able to provide any credible proof. Thanks to selective breeding though, the world can wonder at these equine marvels, and we hope more will be produced for many years to come.


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