20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Cama (Camel + Llama)

Cama, hybrid animal

Llamas make us go awww and camels are notorious for spitting but what happens when you cross the two together? Well, as there are now 5 camel/ llama cross breeds in existence in the Arabian desert, the world can benefit from the best of both species.

With the long fluffy coat that Llamas are adored for, and the robust legs and strength of a camel, Camas are much stronger than Llamas but easier to manage than camels. Apparently, they also behave well in a pack too, so they’re totally team players. Bred in Dubai’s reproduction centre, specialists discovered that Camas can only be created by mating a camel dad and Llama mum – as the other way around didn’t produce any successful births.

Cama’s have a peculiar twist – it’s been discovered they have partly cloven feet, which experts think is due to a blend of the camel’s soft pad and the fully cloven hooves of the Llama. We know that you’re probably wondering one thing though, do they have the hump the camel is famed for? Sadly, they don’t but we bet they have the camel’s famous temper if crossed, and as experts predict they’ll live to a ripe old age, we’ll likely all get to find out.


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