20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Liger (Male Lion + Female Tiger)

Liger, hybrid animal

The world’s largest cat, the Liger belongs to the genus Panthera, and is a super fusion of a Lion and a Tiger. Ligers have the strength and speed of both parents, and are bigger than a lion or a tiger, plus they have enormous teeth that are almost two inches in length. To be considered a Liger, the father must be a lion and the mother a tiger – if the situation is the other way around, the resulting offspring is much smaller, and is called a Tigon.

Ligers don’t appear in the wild, as the behavioural habits of lions and tigers are too dissimilar for the pair to be able to breed, but when they are put together in captivity spontaneous pairings can happen. There are currently about 100 Ligers in existence, and they first started to appear when a 1930’s breeder placed a lion and tiger in the same cage. While they were expected to fight, instead they mated, and a little (or not so little) Liger baby was born!

When it comes to looks, Ligers can take after either of their parents – they might have spots or stripes, or they may have neither. Their coats also vary drastically, from completely white, to golden or brown. As for manes, some male ligers have them, but they’ll never be able to grow one as big as their dads. Ligers can be fertile, but only the females, as male Ligers are completely sterile. They eat a lot, up to 9Kg of meat every day, and fully grown, they weigh more than 300 Kg – that’s a whole lot of Liger to love!


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