20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Grolar Bear (Polar Bear + Brown Bear)

Grolar bear, hybrid animal

The world first learned about the existence of the ultra-rare Grolar when testing was carried out on the DNA of an unusual looking bear found in the Canadian Arctic. Though there have been several reported sightings, there are only 8 confirmed Grolar Bears in the entire world, and all of them are thought to come from the same Mama Bear!

A cross between a polar bear and a brown grizzly bear, Grolar bear cubs are uncommon, because polar and grizzlies have completely different lifestyles. Even though they can be found in neighbouring regions, Polars mate, hunt, and create dens on ocean ice, while brown grizzly bears are notoriously terrestrial.

Grolars have thick white fur, like polar bears, and the long claws, humped back and flattish face of a brown bear – and they often have brown patches around their eyes, nose, and feet. Their bodies are normally smaller than their Polar parent, though they are bigger than a grizzly, but their behaviour often resembles that of a polar bear’s. Scientists observing them found they hurled objects that were given to them to play with, similar to the way a polar bear hurls its prey.

Researchers think the Grolar births are occurring because grizzlies have recently expanded their territory within the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. We think the name Grolar is just great, but did you know that it’s only used to describe the offspring of a male grizzly and a female polar bear – when it’s the other way around, the cub is called a Pizzly!


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