20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Geep (Goat + Sheep)

Geep, hybrid animal

The Geep is a peculiarly cute chimaera of a Sheep and a Goat, and the mix is extremely rare as the two breeds both belong to a completely different genus within the bovidae family. Sheep belong to the Ova sub-family, while goats belong to the Capra group, and what’s more, the two have a different number of chromosomes, which makes hybrid offspring even more unlikely.

With that said, several Geep births have been recorded around the world, from Jamaica and Malta, to England and the US. One of the most famous Geeps, was born on a farm in Ireland – and when his mother gave birth it became obvious he was a little different to his siblings! Though the new arrival was black, when his mother was white, it wasn’t his colouration that had everyone so surprised, as sheep coats can be throwbacks through the generations. Instead, it was the baby’s long spindly legs, goat like horns, and the fact it moved much faster than a normal lamb, that convinced farmer Paddy Murphy that his ewe had given birth to a Geep.

It’s thought a stray mountain goat mated with the farmer’s sheep, resulting in a cute little baby Geep. Murphy’s Geep is particularly rare, as Geep births involving a female ewe don’t usually survive, whereas with a female goat and a ram they can be more successful. Despite the species barrier, goats are infamous for their high libidos and often pay no attention to the genetic difference, when it comes to mating with sheep. The result is so cute that we’re not complaining, and it’s no wonder that Mr Murphy has had hundreds of new visitors to his farm, who all want to see his unusual, but incredibly adorable, Geep.


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