20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Zonkey (Zebra + Donkey)

Zonkey, hybrid animal

The adorable zonkey is completely unique as it’s not only super cute, it’s also extremely rare. This is because zebras and donkeys carry a vastly different number of chromosomes – zebras have 44 compared to donkey’s 62. Zebras rarely mate with donkey, but on an animal reserve in Florence, Italy, a Zebra called Martin became so besotted by an Amiata donkey named Giada, that he jumped her enclosure and mated with her!

The result was little Ippo, an amazing mix of the two parents, with cute striped legs and tummy, and a lovable donkey’s face. He has 53 chromosomes, receiving 22 from his dad, and 31 from his mother, so he falls between his two parents. Though Ippo looks sweet and innocent, he isn’t as placid as donkey’s typically are, as he has zebra genes, which means he has a temper. As you can imagine, everyone immediately fell in love with Ippo, and film companies have even called his owners to enquire about making a cartoon of him.

There’s only four Zonkeys in the world, and Ippo is currently the sole existing male, so we completely understand why people are so intrigued. Though most donkey/ zebra combos can’t breed, researchers are still studying whether Ippo will be able to give birth to any offspring – we hope he can, as we’ve fallen in love with the Zonkey’s awesome adorability.


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