20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Jaglion (Male Jaguar + Female Lion)

Jaglion, hybrid animal

The majestic Jaglion is a cross between a male Jaguar and a Female Lion and the pairing is extremely rare, with the only two known examples living in a wildlife sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. Their story started when two big cats at the sanctuary, Lola, a female Lioness, and a handsome black Jaguar named Diablo, surprised everyone by mating and producing two adorable Jaglion cubs, a girl, Jahzara and a boy called Tsunami.

Jahzara is a Melanistic Jaglion, as she inherited her Dad’s melanism gene, so her coat is dark, but like her baby brother, she still has her mother’s spots. Jaglions inherit the same tuft of hair that their lioness mother has at the end of her tail, but unlike a lion, they can’t grow a magnificent mane. As Lions and Jaguars both belong to the genus Panthera, they are able to mate, but it’s still extraordinarily uncommon. They are normally born into captivity, so they are calmer than either lions or jaguars, and they like to roll around a lot and snuggle up to their siblings.

Lola and Diablo’s story is extra sweet because the pair knew each other since they were small cubs, having arrived at the sanctuary at the same time, when they were small enough to need bottle feeding. As they grew older, they became closer and closer, throwing tantrums whenever anyone tried to separate them. Lola even refused to eat, so eventually, staff gave in, though they tried to keep them apart when she was in heat. We now know that plan obviously failed – but when we see how cute their Jaglion babies are, we can’t say that we’re sorry!


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