20 Bizarre Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist


Mulard (Mallard + Muscovy Duck)

Mulard, hybrid animal

A fusion of the Mallard and Muscovy Ducks, the Mulard’s coat can some in a staggering variety of colourations, from the half black half white Pied, to the lilac, chocolate, and blue, though the White variation is the most common.

Muscovy Ducks differ from other ducks, who all trace their lineage back to a Mallard, a fact which makes their hybrid offspring, the Mulard, extra special. Mulards are known for their calm temperament and they’re definitely not slobs, in fact they’re famous for their cleanliness and neatness! Despite the fact they are infertile, Mulards are actually fairly common, especially in France, where they outnumber geese by over 34 million! This is because they are deliberately bred using artificial insemination, though it is possible to breed them naturally as well.

According to breeders, you can only get a Pure Mulard when a male drake is bred with a female domestic duck, known as a Pekin. When it’s the other way around and the drake is a Pekin, the offspring is known as a Hinnie. This beautiful breed has white plumage with a dark spot on their heads, giving them a striking appearance. Mulards have a strong immune systems and they aren’t fussy eaters, but they can be nervy and fearful, so they do require some cosy comfort and a little extra TLC!


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