20 Best City Breaks in the World


20. Venice, Italy

Located off the coast of Norther-Eastern Italy, Venice is one of the most beautiful and serene cities across the globe. It is fascinating and boasts of its majestic landmarks, small bridges, 118 islands, and beautiful bustling alleyways. The beauty of the city is enhanced by its iconic canals.

Anytime you visit Europe, this is a place that you wouldn’t want to miss. Apart from the
amazing landmarks, Venice is known as a romantic paradise that offers plenty of things to do and things to see during your visit.

Best time to visit

With different charming seasons, the best time to visit Venice include:
– April to June during summer.
– July to October when the weather is highly favorable.
– November and March, characterized by fewer crowds on the street.


Author: Richard James
Date: 5 February 2017