20 Best City Breaks in the World

Reykjavik, Iceland

Clean, green and accessible to all, Reykjavik demands to be explored. Iceland’s capital is also its largest city, but with fewer than 200,000 people living here, it’s a compact spot that couldn’t be easier to negotiate.

Getting around is simple here. Like to see the sights? Reykjavik is best explored on foot, with nothing here ever far away. Boasting a scenic location, Reykjavik is best seen from Hallgrimskirkja — an imposing church, visible from all over the city, that boasts the best views in town. Got your bearings? It’s time to get stuck into Iceland’s top attractions, with art and culture always on the agenda and a nightlife that is legendary after hours.

Like to learn more about the country’s heritage? The National and Saga Museums are both worth a visit for those interested in Viking history. Small? Perhaps, but always fascinating, Reykjavik proves that size isn’t everything.


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