20 Best City Breaks in the World


Tangier, Morocco

Whitewashed and wonderful, Tangier gleams in the sun — its sands golden and its palm trees rustling in the warm winds that blow in from the Strait of Gibraltar. This is a fascinating place to visit, the so-called Gateway between Africa and Europe, where continents meet and cultures clash, ensuring a rich and exotic melting pot that offers attractions for all.

Tangier is trying to reinvent itself, but despite striving for modernity, it’s the ancient and the traditional that hold the greatest appeal, with eye-catching architecture and mouthwatering cuisine topping the bill for most fortunate enough to dock here. Like to escape the bustling city? Take a trip to the Caves of Hercules — a place rich in myth and legend — before returning to the Ville Nouvelle, a classical Riviera-style promenade that is perfect for people watching, whilst sipping delicious Moroccan mint tea as the sun starts to set.

Author: Paul
Date: 14 August 2019