20 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To


Visit the elegant Ho Chi Minh city, often referred to as the ‘Paris of Asia’, explore the vivid and authentic Hanoi, relax in Halong Bay and for the adventurers out there, scale the heights of Vietnam’s Stairway to Heaven. Average daily cost per person: 938,910 Vietnamese Dong or £33 ($40).

Past travelers have spent, in average £7 ($8.5) on meals for one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are the Morning Glory, the Pho, Noodle Soup, Fried rice, Nems and delicious Vietnamese coffee.

There are plenty of very decent hostels to choose from and for less than £10 a night. Staying in Vietnam offers a multitude of choices, from very affordable luxury hotels to cosy hostels for three times less than accommodations in Europe.

Cheap Activities
There are lots of great outdoors activities to do in Vietnam, and internal flights to travel from a city to another are very affordable (we used Vietnam airline). Vietnam is huge and there is way to much to explore to possibly list everything, but here are some things to have on your bucket list.
Ha Long Bay – Going to Ha Long Bay isn’t the cheapest activity to do in Vietnam, but it’s just too amazing to be missed. There are plenty of options at different costs to choose from. We payed £160 ($195) per person for a private 6-hour trip with 2-hour return transfer from our hotel in Hanoi which isn’t bad at all. See the review of our tour.
Happy hour at Polite & Co (Hanoi) – Don’t miss drinking fancy, good quality (and delicious) cocktails at this upscale speakeasy for an average of £3 during happy hour!
Walk around Hoàn Kiếm Lake at night – The lake looks magical when the lights are switched on at night.
Relax on Phú Quốc island – There are plenty of beaches to explore in Phu Quoc.
Stay at Saigon – Saigon or Ho Chi Minh is a delightful experience, a mix of authentic and modern Vietnamese lifestyle. You’ll find here plenty of nice bars and restaurants. Make a stop at the post office and Notre Dame de Saigon cathedral.


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