20 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To


Home of rum, sun and salsa, head over to Cuba whilst it still retains its unique charm and affordability. Soak up the culture in El Capitolio, see the vintage cars and sip a mojito in Havana and trek your way through the verdant Viñales Valley. Average daily cost per person: 924 Cuban pesos or £28 ($34).

Past travelers have spent, in average £7 ($8.5) on meals for one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are the Empanadas, Pastelitos (meat-stuffed, fried or baked turnovers similar to Italian calzones), Arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), Boliche (stuffed pot roast), Boniato con mojo (sweet potatoes in a garlic citrus sauce), Cocido de garbanzos (chickpea stew).

If you want to travel cheap, you can find plenty of hostels for £10 – £20 ($12 – $24) a night, even in Havana. Hotels are usually more expensive and it will be difficult to find a room cheaper than £50 ($70) a night. If you’re looking to travel really cheap and have an authentic stay, it might be a good idea to try and stay at hosts houses (homestay.com), so you’ll eat and live like a local.

Cheap Activities
There are tons of amazing things to do in Cuba, and lots are outdoors and free!
Callejon de Hamel (Havana) – Narrow alley in Havana filled with lively colorful murals and sculptures made from bathtubs, hand pumps, and pinwheels. Great spot for your Instagram pictures.
Go to the beach – Cuba has lots of beautiful white sand beaches. Our favourites are: Varadero Beach, Guardalavaca Beach, Ancon Beach, Santa Maria Beach, Playa Paraiso.
Visit Morro Castle (Havana) – This 16th-century fort sits across the bay from Old Havana and is a great place to get city views. The entry fee is £5 pesos (£4).
Stay in Trinidad – Trinidad must be on your travel bucket list. It’s a gorgeous Spanish colonial town and the old part of town is a UNESCO world heritage site. You can book an Air Bnb to not spend to much in accomodation. Spend the night at the Trinidad cave club and party in a cave! The entry cost is only 5 pesos.


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