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Ethiopia is looking like a strong contender for Africa’s next top destination. This beautiful gem in the Horn of Africa, is a mountainous, verdant land divided by the majestic Great Rift Valley. Ethiopia’s place in the world as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ lends a magical touch to this already enchanting country. Suggested Daily Budget: 1,215 Ethiopian birr or £26 ($34).

Travelers spend in average £6 ($8) on meals for just one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are the njera (sourdough flatbread), Tibs (sautéed meat chunks), Shiro be Kibbe (legume stew), Berbere (typical spice blend), Kitfo (Ethiopian beef tartare) and of course the famed Ethiopian coffee.

Accommodations in Ethiopia are a bit rough. You’ll find plenty of guest houses for a cheap rate, however, bear in mind that hygiene standard here are pretty low and you should definitely book instead in the ‘city hotels’ which will be clean and provide modern appliances. Hostels aren’t common here neither as luxury accommodations.

Cheap Activities
Visit the magnificent churches of Lalibela – Lalibela rock cut churches are stunning and date from the 12th century.
Marvel at the carved obelisks and castles of Aksum – Aksum is a UNESCO world heritage centre. It boasts massive ruins, dating from between the 1st and the 13th century A.D., include monolithic obelisks, giant stelae, royal tombs and the ruins of ancient castles.
Hike the Simien Mountains – The Semien Mountains, located in northern Ethiopia, are a World Heritage Site and include the Simien Mountains National Park. It’s a breathtaking view that well-worth the trip.
Visit bustling Addis Ababa – And enjoy a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
View the active volcano of Erta Ale – Erta Ale is one of the few volcanoes on the world that have an almost persistent lava lake. You’ll have to take a group tour to view the volcano which is usually a three or four days tour as the volcano is located in the desert. Price starts at £320 ($418) which isn’t bad for an excursion of this type.


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