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This landlocked country in Central Europe may well be famed for its grand capital city of Budapest. With its opulent thermal baths, the majestic River Danube flanked by the gothic Parliament building and the fairytale palace overlooking the city you can see why it takes centre stage. Yet there is much more in Hungary to explore. Suggested Daily Budget: 25,160 Hungarian Forint or £60 ($78).

Travelers spend in average £15 ($19) on meals for just one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are the Goulash, Lángos (deep-fried flat bread), Főzelék (vegetable stew), Töltött Káposzta (stuffed cabbage leaves) and Somlói Galuska (sponge cake, layered with chocolate cream, walnut kernel, rum and whipped cream on the top).

The best options to travel on a budget in Hungary are hostels and Air BnB. Even in Budapest you can find appartments to rent for £30 a night which is a small fee if you share the price with a friend.

Cheap Activities
Unwind at Budapest Thermal Bath – This is a must do if you go to Hungary. Budapest boasts very well-preserved ancient thermal baths. Gellért Thermal Bath is our favourite, it’s really spacious and the indoor pool is gorgeous and perfect for a great Instagram post. There is also a rooftop pool that you’ll really enjoy on a sunny day.
View St. Stephen’s Basilica and Budapest castle – Whilst in Budapest you should really take a pick at these stunning historical monuments. The Basilica is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen in Europe.
Visit the Ottoman city of Eger – Eger is a city in northern Hungary. Take a walk along the Eger River and visit the medieval Eger Castle overlooking the city.
Hike the North Hungarian Mountains – The Northern Uplands is home to the highest peak in Hungary and a mysterious 300 year old forest.
See the sparkling blue waters of Lake Balaton – This is a great area to visit with beaches, volcanic hills, resort towns and hotels.


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