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The beautiful Nicaragua is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and is famous for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and long white beaches. Suggested Daily Budget: 1,110 Nicaraguan córdoba or £25 ($32).

Travelers can spend in average £7 ($9) in meals for just one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are Rosquillas (deep fried donughts), Arroz a la plancha (traditional rice), Baho (wrap made of beef and yuca) and Nacatamal (corn dough stuffed with chicken or pork).

Plan to spend about £7 to £10 ($12) in hostels or guest houses. Most hotels price usually starts at £30 ($39).

Cheap Activities
Nicaragua has a lot to offer. You’ll love it here if you like hiking, and are fascinated by volcanoes. There are so many to explore and even some actives ones!
Explore Granada – Granada enchants with its Spanish colonial architecture and makes a great base for exploring.
View the majestic Mombacho volcano – Nearby Granada is the majestic Mombacho volcano and an archipelago of islets home to a variety of tropical bird life.
Take a pic at the active Masaya volcano – Masaya is an active volcano and probably most of the incredible activities in Nicaragua. Our tip – take a night tour for an even more impressive sight! (About £11 or $15).
Unwind at San Juan del Sur – If surfing (or cheap cocktails) are your thing then head to San Juan del Sur for some of the best waves the country has to offer.
Escape to the nearby Corn Islands – Corn islands are a true paradise amongst the turquoise ocean. Make sure to snorkel or scuba dive to observe the beautiful Caribbean marine life.


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