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Montenegro is arguably the jewel in the Balkan’s crown. Quieter and more affordable than neighbouring Croatia, it shares the same dramatically rugged coastline along the sparkling emerald green Adriatic coastline. Although popular with the superyacht crowd due to its beautiful sailing routes the prices in Montenegro don’t reflect this (yet!) so you can afford to dine well here and get about cheaply. Suggested Daily Budget: 59 Euros or £53 ($70).

Travelers can spend in average £19 ($25) for meals for just one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are the Punjene paprike (stuffed peppers), Ćufte (meatballs), Đuveč (cooked vegetables, similar to ratatouille), Musaka od Krtola (potato moussaka with minced meat), Sarma (rolls filled with minced pork and rice) and Chorba, the national dish made of meat, fish and poultry with vegetables or noodles.

If you want to pay as low as possible, it’s probably best to stay in guest houses, common in Montenegro. Plan to spend about £10 here. Hotels are more expensive, though you can find some budget hotels or rental apartments for as low as £30.

Cheap Activities
The Castle of San Giovanni – It’s one of the best – and most stunning – view point of Montenegro. It’s a bit of a hilly walk to get here but it’s a must-do.
The picturesque Bay of Kotor – This beautiful bay is dotted with coastal churches and medieval fortified towns such as Herceg Novi.
Explore Durmitor National Park – Home to wild bears and wolves, this park encompasses towering limestone peaks, glacial blue lakes and the spectacular Tara River Canyon.
Wander in the streets of Kotor’s Old Town – Kotor’s Old Town is picturesque and should be on your travel list. Half a day is enough here and morning is best to avoid tourists.
Visit The town of Cetinje – It’s the old royal capital of Montenegro, a quiet historical, charming and colourful town which really worth a visit.


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