20 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To


It’s safer than you’d imagine, also a cultural hotspot and blessed with acres of white sandy beaches and turquoise seas. For the most affordable trip avoid the most popular resorts and head to less frequented destinations such as Valladolid for an authentic taste of Mexico that won’t break the bank. Average daily cost per person: 959 Mexican pesos or £33 ($40).

Past travelers have spent, in average £7 ($8.5) on meals for one day. Some of the typical dishes to try are the Chilaquiles (corn tortillas), Tacos, Tostadas (fried tortillas), Elote (corn on the cob), Enchiladas (filled tortillas) and of course Gacuamole.

You’ll spend between £5 and £15 for a night in hostels. Hotels are a bit more expensive, though you can find decent budget hotels for less than £30 a night. If you’d like a higher standard stay, there are also a few affordable 5 stars hotels like the Hotel Bardo in Tulum, offering rooms for less than £100 a night.

Cheap Activities
Mexico is a huge country and you’ll probably spend a bit of money travelling to different places, especially if you rent a car (you can always take buses which are cheaper).
Explore Cenote Chaak Tun Caves – Chaak Tun has the most impressive stalactites formation than any other caves. You can swim and snorkel in the caves. Entrance fee £4 ($5).
Relax on Tulum beaches – Tulum is famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches.
Visit Mexico’s oldest beach town of Mazatlán – There is here 20km of sandy beaches to explore.
Stay in Valladolid – Valladolid is an authentic little town and has a beautiful architecture. You’ll experience here the real Mexico.
Isla Holbox, Mexico – This is a great place to unwind and relax on the beach. The best part is that you can view whale sharks on the island, (from May to September). The best way to get to Isla Holbox without spending too much money is by taking a ferry in Chiquilá for $200 pesos or £7.


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