15 of the World’s Wildest Rainforests to Trek

Ulu Temburong National Park, Brunei

Ulu Temburong National Park

Think Brunei and rainforests don’t often spring to mind. Yet the country’s so-called Green Jewel is a wild wonder, a place of state-sponsored conservation at its best, where the adventurous head to get back to nature and discover unimaginable secrets beneath the thick jungle canopy.

Brunei’s first National Park is a protected place, with just one square kilometre open to tourists. Beyond this oft-visited zone, the rainforest is a mysterious place indeed.

There are mountains and valleys here, the great Temburong and Belalong Rivers never far away, whilst all around, exotic creatures lurk, not used to seeing humans, with just a handful of people permitted to enter the forest. Reaching this remote spot is a serious undertaking that requires a long river voyage.

There’s no question, however, that it’s worth all the hardships and for those fortunate enough to see Ulu Temburong, there can be no complaints.


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